Pray prayers that get answered.

Do you feel like your prayers aren’t making any difference to your circumstances?
It’s time to believe differently about prayer.

The Bible says that both Jesus and the Holy Spirit pray for you and with you.

So what if this means that when you pray you are a part of their prayer team?
What if prayer is not about you praying towards God, but praying with God?
What if prayer is not about you finding an answer, but praying with the Answer?

Praying with God Training Sessions

Session 1 | Prayer: One of Our Benefits 

  • Receive a fresh awareness of your relationship in Christ
  • Learn why prayer is answered differently in your life as a new creation
  • Remove the pressure and angst from your prayer life 

Session 2 | Everything You Need is Waiting

  • Learn how to pray in line with the true nature of God.
  • Hear the key words and phrases God uses when He prays.
  • ​Explore how your circumstances can come under the influence of God’s intention.

Session 3 | Meet Your Prayer Team

  • Gain a biblically-based understanding of how Jesus and the Holy Spirit are fully focused on praying for us and with us.
  • Learn how to start your prayers from a place of peace, joy and confidence (no matter your current circumstances)
  • Master practical ways to craft a prayer

Session 4 | Prayers of Promise

  • Discover the unique access all believers have to “Attendant Expectation”
  • Learn how to take full advantage of your promises in prayer
  • ​Explore how promises are actually our relational realities with God

Session 5 | The Language of Expectation in Prayer

  • Learn the ground rules for expectation
  • Discover the importance of intentional, focused language
  • Build unshakable hope that comes with an intensity of anticipation

Session 6 | Praying With God: Q & A

  • Get specific answers to the two most common questions about prayer 
  • Learn how to pray when the unexpected happens and you don’t know what to pray
  • ​Also, Graham shares his own personal morning prayer rhythm 

What's included in the bundle:


Develop a powerful, joyful prayer life and learn how to pray prayers that get answered.

Process and practice each training session with the included booklet.


Craft prayers that are in total alignment with what God is praying for you.

Kind Intentions
Prophetic Soaking

Inheritance & Glory 
Prophetic Soaking

  • Praying with God Audio Sessions CD and MP3
  • Crafted Prayer Book
  • BONUS #1: Kind Intentions Prophetic Soaking 
  • BONUS #2: Inheritance & Glory Prophetic Soaking
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Total Value: $75

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This special offer is a can’t-miss
 opportunity if...

  • Your prayer life feels like a discipline instead of a delight.
  • You want to pray with the same confidence as Jesus who knew that His Father always heard Him
  • You want to pray prayers that God can always answer.
What Other People are saying
Lisa S.
Verified Purchase
Thank you for this series! Some of this has been descriptive of how the Holy Spirit and I have been walking together, and some of it is a beautiful upgrade. I am excited to grow in prayer and in knowing who God is for me more.
Verified Purchase
I am really liking this perspective and approach to prayer. Very enlightening to me when I did the exercise and was surprised at what I uncovered. I also prayed a prayer that really surprised myself and out of my usual mindset and felt so much excitement and joy in what I prayed!

Verified Purchase
I cannot even begin to tell all the stories of what’s happening. I am being shown such a different way and was walking in unworthiness for so long that I didn’t realize I could push back. What a revelation as I with God literally plunge into areas never tried or known to me before. All I have learned, and now especially my crafted prayers as I re read, I see it happening.

What's included in the bundle:

  • Praying with God Audio Sessions CD and MP3
  • Crafted Prayer Book
  • BONUS #1: Kind Intentions Prophetic Soaking 
  • BONUS #2: Inheritance & Glory Prophetic Soaking

Total Value: $75

Now only: $37