What if every challenging circumstance in your life became a triumph of joy?

A Mentoring Series Bundle by Graham Cooke

Hello, I'm Graham Cooke.

After working in ministry for over 40 years, I've encountered the same theme over and over: Christians often struggle with hearing God's voice and knowing their purpose in the Kingdom. They can carry heavy hearts as they experience a lack of hope and discouragement in this world of turmoil.

But I have found that the joy of the Lord has the power to transform our internal atmosphere in times of fear and despair. It is the antidote to dismay, disappointment or uncertainty. God is in the business of restoring our joy, not just in part, but in full. 

Joy is the gateway to freedom, and the great partner of peace. When together, joy and peace eradicate negativity and guarantee an increase of trust and faith.

Journey with us as and discover a Joy that Overcomes any circumstance, fear or uncertainty we might be experiencing. 

Learn how to maintain your sense of peace, find delight in your life and keep your sense of joy and wonder. These are all disciplines that once learned, have the power to transform your life and impact our external circumstances.

What's included in this bundle?

Joy That Overcomes Series

  • ​6 Mentoring Training Sessions (streaming video)
  • PDF Activation Guide, Joy That Overcomes, crafted to ignite action and renew your mind.

Enjoying The Journey MP3 

  • This 60 minute teaching MP3 will empower you to relax with joy and see all aspects of your journey through the eyes of the Father. 

Overcoming Negativity Through Rest 

  • Disempower negativity by focusing on and practicing positivity in the Spirit with this 70 minute teaching MP3. 

The Practice of Delight MP3 

  • Turn every circumstance into a chance to focus on the joyful Christ life within as you listen to this 75 minute MP3 teaching. 

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Preview the Joy Bundle

“This teaching brought fresh life to that place in my spirit where I experience God's delight in and for me. I was reminded to live astonished, to be delighted in Jesus and turn everything into a delight and see what happens. "
- Carol, The Practice of Delight.

With this package you will learn...

  • How you can LIVE with the JOY that is designed to become your STRENGTH.
  • ​To receive the joy that closes the door on weariness, sadness, and insecurity.
  • ​​Why peace and joy have a unique PARTNERSHIP in our hearts.
  • ​​​Why your joy is NEVER dependent on your circumstances. 
  • ​How to exchange an earthbound perspective for a heavenly one.

Connect to God’s eternal environment of joy, delight and peace. 

Total Value: $75 OVER 50% OFF

Now only: $37

Your own internal spirit is like a bank vault that you can go into and access everything that God has given;
and joy is one of those gifts. Freely given and available to you always.
Joy comes from knowing who God will be for us no matter what is occurring.

After all, you don’t rejoice in your circumstances but in who God is for you.

Now, may the God of hope fill you with joy and peace in believing, 
that you may abound in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

What people are saying about 
the Joy Bundle...

All the recent questions I have had lately are being answered. In my spirit I know something delightful and deliberate has happened. More knowledge of His life being worked in and through me. Thanks! Loving the learning Graham.
This spoke to my spirit and I began to rejoice in my heart! I had to be reminded not to look at my circumstances but to the promises of His word. The Christ in me has already received favor now to meet every provision. Praise the Lord! Thank you Graham for sharing such rich revelation of His love.
Thanks Graham for describing the pathway in such an enticingly encouraging way. I am continuously awestruck by the daily realization that I have a permanent, everlasting & transforming relationship with God, the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit. Delighted & amazed as I learn to relax in His presence.

Experience a lifestyle of joy; a place where the joy of the Lord will always be greater than any situation or challenge you face.

  • Session 1 | The Majesty of Joy
  • ​Session 2 | Joy That Strengthens
  • ​Session 3 | Expect to be Joyful
  • Session 4 | What Good Things Are Already In Me?
  • ​Session 5 | Joy is an Eternal Environment
  • ​Session 6 | Unstuck from Earth to See Heaven
Our awareness of God’s presence is often wrapped up in an experience at a church or a conference. We can get stuck thinking that this is the only way to really “feel” His presence. But God put us into Christ and Christ into us, so we could have an internal, covenant relationship with him that is continual. He put us into the one place that we can always hear His voice and know His presence.
  • 6-Part Video Series : Teachings focused on helping you create and maintain your devotional life with the Lord.
  • PDF Activation Guide, Joy That Overcomes: A curated collection of the best teaching and prophetic words about Joy from Brilliant TV. Together, they will equip you to experience a lifestyle of joy; a place where the joy of the Lord will always be greater than any situation or challenge you face.
No one can take your joy from you, but you can surrender it by not understanding its power.

Delighting in the joy of the Lord takes you into a place the enemy cannot reach.

Total Value: $75 OVER 50% OFF

Now only: $37

What people are saying about 
The Practice of Delight, Enjoying The Journey &  Overcoming Negativity Through Rest...

As I listened I could literally feel God dancing with joy over me! Its so easy to get bogged down in the disciplines of faith or to become dulled to childlike wonder. Thanks, Graham, for awakening fresh hope through this teaching that stirs confidence in me that I, too, can create an environment of joy in which others can easily fall in love with Jesus! Its like breathing the fresh air of heaven and getting invigorated to run again!
Carol , The Practice of Delight
I have been struggling with my devotional times. In the church world that I grew up in devotional times were performance based and centered on duty. This teaching is a breath of fresh air to a person weary of just having a functional time with God. It opened my eyes to see how much He wants to engage with me. I am learning how to be with the Lord each day and how to rest in His affection for me. I never thought that I could really enjoy my quiet times, until now. Thanks.
Don Enjoying The Journey
I have been listening to this teaching all morning! I had been hurt so bad in my past marriage that I just realized I've been looking for the negative in people FIRST in order to protect myself from getting hurt again. After awhile, that's all I would see. No wonder the Holy Spirit led me to this! With His help and great teachings like these, I'll overcome a negative mindset real fast!!!! Thanks Graham! 
Shawn, Overcoming Negativity Through Rest

Turn every circumstance into a chance to focus on the joyful Christ life within.

We must learn to find enjoyment, gladness, joy, and pleasure in who God is for you, regardless of circumstances. 

 Don’t delay your joy until your circumstances improve, use your situation as your training ground for majesty in order to cultivate a lifestyle of rejoicing always. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
In these teachings you will learn:
  • How delight in the Lord can inspire and encourage you.
  • To turn every circumstance into a chance to focus on the Christ within you.
  • That your placement in Jesus guarantees your outcome.
  • ​How to look at your relationship with God as a friendship, and what can happen when you choose joy instead of duty.

God delights in empowering us to be what we could not possibly be in our own effort.

Total Value: $75 OVER 50% OFF

Now only: $37

 Don’t delay your joy until your circumstances improve, use your situation as your training ground for majesty in order to cultivate a lifestyle of rejoicing always. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

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  • Small Group License: with exclusive Leadership Guide (value $1500 $100)
  • ​Keys to Kingdom Learning Bonus Guidebook: These 10 Kingdom Keys will help you understand more of who God really is through your experiences, study and encounters with the Truth. Includes ​printable PDF guide (value $10) 

Total Value: $210

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